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Attorney Reputation Management Online Part 1

Posted on July 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

Why Attorney Online Reputation Management Matters to Local Law Firms:

Your legal practice online identity is no longer just your practice web address. There is much more to it. Google says this:

“Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you, whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update,” – Google Blog

Many local attorneys have found themselves in the defensive position of being falsely accused, lied about, slandered, and attacked online. It’s a surging problem with no checks in site. The cost to preserve the most positive first impression is invaluable to any legal professional. The best offense for attorneys managing their reputation online is a an even greater defense.

Here are some common internet search facts you should know about:

– 95% of internet users do not search past the first page of search engine results.

– 80% of the United States population researches a product on the internet before purchasing.

– 72% of those that research will not buy if there’s a negative comment

In simple terms, your attorney online reputation consists of everything about your law firm that exists on the internet. The range of materials that could potentially impact your specific attorney online reputation is more vast than you might realize at first. Here are just some components of your online image:

-Comments made about your practice on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

-Comments that others make about you on review sites like Yelp, Citysearch, RipOffReport.com and PissedConsumer.com

-Pictures regarding your law firm online 4. Posts and articles published on the internet about your legal practice

-Geo-location information broadcasting through services like Foursquare or Gowalla

-Videos regarding your legal practice (Good or Bad) on YouTube, Vimeo and many other video sharing sites

Regardless if the site is validated as credible is immaterial. Today’s consumers rely on the internet as an anonymous referral to make a purchasing decision. If you don’t engage the commentary expressed online about you, the next possible client doing a background check on you may perceive the negative reviews as true if you haven’t neutrally addressed the complaint.

Though considered ‘private’, what people write in an email or through instant messaging could potentially be copied and made public.

In fact, if you’re beginning to feel like almost anything that others remark about you on the Internet could become part of your attorney online reputation profile, then you’re starting to get an idea how important it is to preserve your brands’ identity to secure your ‘social proof’.

An even larger growing, and faster to engage segment is mobile searching online. Smart phones allow people to read and write reviews from anywhere. You can see how a bad review about your business will hit harder and spread faster than ever before.

Google estimates that 40% of local searches happen on smartphones when consumers are seeking a local service provider. That number appears low, and is trending upward everyday with no sign of slowing.

How Do You Control Your Attorney Online Reputation?

The first step is to find out what people are saying about your business online. The best way to do this is to simply Google your business name. Are there any reviews about your company on the first page?

How many spots do your business own on the first page? Look at the top 10 results for attorneys in your area.When looking at their Google Places page, do they have their profile setup properly? On profiles with consumer reviews, have they responded to someone’s complaint?

By first claiming, and then building out your Google, Yahoo, Bing and other authority local profiles, you are empowering yourself to control your legal branding message. If you haven’t claimed yours, type in “Attorney Google Places Directions”, into Google, and create your FREE profile today. They have just released their Google+ pages which will become every attorneys rep hub online. See this reputation management consultant example here:

There are many solid reputation management tools you can put in your toolbox, in the next article we’ll discuss Attorney Social Media Monitoring. You can contact us here regarding reputation management consultant advice here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/reputationmanagementconsultant. What strategies have worked for your practice?

Internet Medications and Legality

Posted on July 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Although we can see on the Internet a lot of offers of medicines based on online prescriptions, the public should know that not all medicinal substances can be marketed across the network. There is a big difference between the controlled and not controlled medications.

Basically the controlled medications are all those that have the potential to cause addiction in patients, and their promotion and sale is strictly prohibited by the Internet, if the buyer does not have a prescription issued on face-to-face consultation with a medical doctor. Among the best known, we can find some drugs to lose weight and to control some sleep diseases, both in brand and generic equivalents.

There are many good reasons for not to sell these substances over the Internet, because without the advice of a qualified professional, a person can have serious addiction problems, and health dangers.

All the serious internet pharmacies have suspended the sale of these products several years ago, so if you decide to venture online with a shady vendor, you may be in trouble, and for sure you will lose your money with an undelivered medicine. If the online pharmacy boasts advertisements of credit cards, you must know that these card processors do not allow transactions from the purchase of controlled drugs, since many years ago.

Yes, you can have online access to a wide variety of not controlled medications, and there is legal to market these products online. Anyway, you should always consult your personal physician about what medicines you may need for your health problem, and you should never choose medications yourself. We are not in position to know, what we need to relieve some diseases. Otherwise it’s like playing a very dangerous kind of roulette with our own body.

I speak not only to consult with your doctor to buy drugs. You should also have an appointment if you’re tempted to buy herbal supplements, whether they are dietary, sports, skin care or to sleep. Internet pharmacies are a very good place to order from the comfort of your home and at a very good price but only with a prior consultation with a Medical Doctor.

How to Find Acai Berry Products

Posted on July 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

Ever heard of the magical fruit called Acai berry, which was endorsed by many celebrities such as Oprah and Rachel Ray? Well, if you’re reading this, then chances are you have. The following are steps on how to find Acai and where to buy it legally.

Due to its tendency to rot within a few hours from being picked from the tree, the Acai berry isn’t likely to make it to your local health stores anytime soon. Aside from its very short lifespan, Acai is also indigenous only to the Amazon jungle, so manufacturers are often hard-pressed to find them.

Fortunately, scientists were able to think of a method to keep the Acai berry’s benefits even if it were transported to different parts of the world — freeze-dry technology. With this, both farmers and manufacturers alike can export Acai to different countries, all the while maintaining its beneficial nutrients. Thanks to this, health buffs all over the world can get the most out of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that Acai possesses.

The Internet is the most reliable source of authentic Acai products. Online corporations can offer lower costs than brick-and-mortar ones, owing to the lower overhead costs offered by the Internet. Some companies even lower the price rate a whopping 5 times the prevailing rate!

Aside from being the most reliable source, the Internet is, without a doubt, also the best place to purchase Acai products. Here’s why:

– Sites on the Internet offer the lowest prices, and;

– Stores seldom promote free trials, while many sites on the Internet do.


Is Shopping Online As Safe as Traditional Shopping?

Posted on July 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

Well the answer is, “it can be” and sometimes even safer. “Well, I just don’t believe that”, you might say and if you read my article in it’s entirety I will try to explain my stand on this.

First let me tell you a little about my online shopping background. I am an experienced online shopper and yes I have had my credit card information stolen but, believe it or not, it was stolen before I ever used it online. I have been on both sides of the fence also; I have purchased products online and sold products online (both as a storefront and on auction sites). I will be happy to say I have had very few instances where I have been skeptical about purchases I have made online and never has my skepticism outweighed the money I save by shopping online. Below you will find the major points to online shopping safety.

1. How do I decide whether a shop is legitimate?

Determining whether a store is legitimate comes down to some of the same principles you use in brick-and-mortar stores. Can I easily contact someone if there is a problem? Does the location seem safe? Does the shop look professional? Do they accept safe forms of payment (discussed later)? These questions should also be used when shopping online. Always check their contact information and make sure it is readily available. Read about their history if it is available. Make sure they have a return policy, and a privacy policy (you can usually find these at the bottom of most stores sites). The store should appear to be a store you would feel safe buying from but this cannot be completely relied on without the other principles.

2. What can I do to make sure that I don’t get ripped off?

Just like in the real world, there is no guarantee that you will never be ripped off. However, there are things you can do to eliminate the chances of it happening to you. Make sure to read all terms of service, privacy policies, and shipping policies on a shops site before making a purchase. When purchasing from a shop and you are to the point where you are filling in personal information (i.e. address, credit card number, etc.) make sure that there is a little lock icon at the bottom right hand side of your browser and that the start of the address is “https://” instead of just “http://”. This shows you that you are making a transaction over a secure and safe connection. You can even click the lock to get even more information about the security. Always read all the fine print when making a purchase and make sure to print your receipt or confirmation as this could be your proof of purchase when making an inquiry to the store if there are any issues with your purchase.

3. Should I pay with cash that way they can’t get their grubby little hands on my credit card number?

I always use a credit card to make purchases online because I have the added protection of the credit card company. Credit cards are the absolute safest way to purchase because you have the legal right to dispute transactions made on your card. Along with my bank, the credit card companies will usually just return your money to you and go after the store or person who made the fraudulent sale. You should check with your card provider and I think you will find that they have a great policy on settling fraudulent transactions for you.

When you use cash or a money order with a fraudulent company or individual, they can essentially “take the money and run”. Does this mean I should never use a check, cash, or money order? No, it doesn’t. It just means you don’t have as much recourse if you end up getting ripped off and extra precautions should be taken.

4. What do I do if I do get ripped off?

First thing you do is cancel your credit card number if you think your credit card info has been jeopardized. This can be a simple call to your bank and explain to them your situation. They will usually work with you and pursue the store or individual who committed the fraudulent activity. If you used cash or a money order there are still things you can do but getting your money back may be a bit tougher. You should always report fraudulent activity to the proper authorities including the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org), the National Fraud Information Center (fraud.org), and anywhere else you can file a complaint.

If you believe there is an identity theft problem visit [http://www.consumer.gov/idtheft/] for more info on what to do.

So yes there are bad things that can happen when shopping online but as with any shopping you can eliminate the risk by making informed decisions on whether you are shopping at a genuine and honest shop. You still haven’t answered how online shopping can be safer than traditional shopping. Well here is my take on that and it is strictly a possibility. You enter a brick-and-mortar shop and you find what it is you are looking for. The shop is respectable and well known in town. You head to the cash register and you hand the cashier your credit a card. He/she then swipes your card and has you sign the receipt. You leave the store. A few days later you find out that the person that was working the cash register was new and somewhat greedy sold several credit card numbers with the personal information that was available as well as copies of your signature from the receipt. This “cashier” step in the transaction process is normally bypassed when making online purchases.

You got to the online store?find your item?make the purchase over a secure connection with your credit card directly through a merchant service to your bank. In a brick and mortar shop it is similar with an additional step like this. You visit the local store?find your item?hand your card to the cashier? the purchase over a secure connection with your credit card directly through a merchant service to your bank. In the second instance an extra set of eyes are in the transaction. This example is not to make you more afraid of traditional shopping just to make you more comfortable with online shopping.

I hope I have helped you understand how to make safer online decisions and please shop safely.