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Internet Medications and Legality

Posted on July 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Although we can see on the Internet a lot of offers of medicines based on online prescriptions, the public should know that not all medicinal substances can be marketed across the network. There is a big difference between the controlled and not controlled medications.

Basically the controlled medications are all those that have the potential to cause addiction in patients, and their promotion and sale is strictly prohibited by the Internet, if the buyer does not have a prescription issued on face-to-face consultation with a medical doctor. Among the best known, we can find some drugs to lose weight and to control some sleep diseases, both in brand and generic equivalents.

There are many good reasons for not to sell these substances over the Internet, because without the advice of a qualified professional, a person can have serious addiction problems, and health dangers.

All the serious internet pharmacies have suspended the sale of these products several years ago, so if you decide to venture online with a shady vendor, you may be in trouble, and for sure you will lose your money with an undelivered medicine. If the online pharmacy boasts advertisements of credit cards, you must know that these card processors do not allow transactions from the purchase of controlled drugs, since many years ago.

Yes, you can have online access to a wide variety of not controlled medications, and there is legal to market these products online. Anyway, you should always consult your personal physician about what medicines you may need for your health problem, and you should never choose medications yourself. We are not in position to know, what we need to relieve some diseases. Otherwise it’s like playing a very dangerous kind of roulette with our own body.

I speak not only to consult with your doctor to buy drugs. You should also have an appointment if you’re tempted to buy herbal supplements, whether they are dietary, sports, skin care or to sleep. Internet pharmacies are a very good place to order from the comfort of your home and at a very good price but only with a prior consultation with a Medical Doctor.